Why i became a photographer?

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ct photographer, ct baby photographer, ct family photographer

Seriously, why did I became a photographer?

For me it did started pretty early… At a young age I was already playing with a camera and it’s cover. It was an old Zenith. Little did I know that this is going to be my passion for life.

At school I was always drawn to creative things, drawing, painting however I wasn’t good at it, but I did enjoy it still.

As years passed by I’ve developed lots of interest into the fashion world, and I was always behind a Vogue or some sort of fashion magazine. Getting inspiration from it and started to think that this is the industry I would love to work in.

I love beauty, all things fashion and the thought of creating something raw and fictional at the same time sounded pretty interesting to me.

When I was about 15 years old I picked up a camera, and started taking photos of my friends and things around me. At times I’ve created certain looks, styled sessions and begin my journey.

I went to school in Hungary for Photography and also did a course in New York City too. However I learned a lot on my own, specially about digital photography and post processing work.

My beginning as a photographer started in the fashion industry as I have imagined, and I am so happy that I’ve got a taste of that world… As years went by I have discovered that I enjoy more of a raw lifestyle type of photography and I went into that direction specially after becoming a mom. I think once you become a parent something changes in you (at least for me) and you see things differently. ( Although there is times when i want to create endless fashion content, so feel free to pick my brain about that haha)

Not sure when in your life, but we all reach a point when everything comes into perspective and you can see things clearly. I have had ups and downs, and slower years and becoming doubtful is my thing (still sometimes, but working on it), but somehow photography was always the one thing that i felt it was solid in my life.

I can’t imagine doing anything else to be honest. The creativity in me always rises higher and higher each day.

Photography is a lot of things to me… It is a channel for self expression, but more of a talent that I can be proud of. Whoever hires me to photograph a part of their life, it truly means so much to me. The fact that I can create a piece of history of your personal life what you can cherish for years to come, fills my heart with all the warmness that you can ever imagine.

So here, this is why I became a photographer and why I stayed- to give you all your special moments frozen on THAT photograph.



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