5 reasons why photography is more than what people think

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Let’s see 5 reasons why photography is MORE than what people think. You will be amazed:

  1. Photography becomes history

    Lots of photographs became part of the history. Those images can show us events that we would never know it happened.
    The importance of those iconic photos are help us shape our history and we can make better decisions, more opinions in the future.
    photography connecticut photography connecticut
  2. Photography is the essential in science

    From astrophotography to photos taken through microscopes. Photography is a tool that contributes relevant data to scientists. From medicine to so many other worlds- photography can help us see and discover that a naked eye couldn’t see.
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  3. Importance of collecting memories

    Just think for a second.. those compelling photos that you can see everywhere… They can show us how far humanity have come, and also bring light to the horror we can produce.
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  4. Allows you to preserve memories

    You can take photos anywhere. In your home, at a pretty location, on vacation… really ANYWHERE. Just think about if photography wouldn’t exist.. how empty we would feel?
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  5. Gets you inspired

    It can make you feel inspired, am I right? Even if you are doing it as a hobby it can bring you so much joy. It can get you moving, it can make you travel more, do more, experiment more. 
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