Check out these 8 amazing places in the East Coast

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8 amazing places to check out in the east coast

Check Out These 8 Amazing Places in The East Coast and scroll down for some getaway tips as well:

1. Forte Adams: 

During the civil war era, Fort Adam was built to defend the US coast from threats from the Atlantic. This fort has now become a historic museum. Taking a tour round Fort Adams is fun and educative, it requires a tour guide to go in but if you are on a family vacation, you can roam around the museum and take some good shots with your family. 

2. Martha’s Vineyard: 

The beautiful Martha’s Vineyard is a great place to take vacations and capture beautiful memories. It is popular for its beaches and gothic cottages, beautiful scenery and the quaint lighthouse. There are a lot of fun things you can try out at Martha’s Vineyard: 

a. Greet the island Alpacas 

b. Check Out Edgar town Harbor Light house.

c. Have a delicious meal at Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet Café and Bakery.

d. Visit the Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary. 

3. Lady Liberty Cruise: 

For a beautiful vacation during the summer months, especially if you want an outdoor option. You get to enjoy an educating sailing excursion around the Statue of Liberty, while being able to spot Ellis island and the Freedom Tower. With some tour guides sharing insider stories, you’d get to know some fun facts! 

4. Central Park: 

This classic Location will give you the real feel of being in New York and some awesome pictures for your social media.

5. Empire State Building: 

If you want the most epic view over New York City, this is a great place to get your bearing on the cities’ landmark. 

6. Brooklyn Bridge: 

This is the perfect place to capture some iconic New York City photos, that you can post on your socials or just to hold on to for memories. 

7. Grand Central Terminal: 

This train station is just the perfect place to capture the true essence of New York City. Constructed in 1871 this train station has become even more busy than before. 

8. Bryant park: 

During the winter, at Bryant park you could watch the skaters and during the spring, you get to enjoy and check out New York Fashion Week.

Some great getaways in Connecticut.

Connecticut has something to offer everyone, from culture to history to art and for foodies, there are a vast array of restaurants for the pallets to enjoy. 

1. Mystic: 

For sea lovers, this is a great choice. It has a maritime themed attraction, and you can be sure to fill up on fresh seafood. And if you are with your kids, your next stop Mystic Aquarium, your kids can face to beak with a penguin, pet a shark, and  marvel at a beluga whale. 

2. Cornwall: 

This small town country is as beautiful as it gets, giving you a glimpse of  how the world was before technology came about. They are known for having one of the few covered bridge.

3. Essex: 

If you or someone you know is crazy about the Gilmore girls, then this stop is definitely for you! It is truly a lovely town, and you will have a swell time. Getting on the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat will be an experience you would love and cherish, while the conductor will teach you some history. 

4. Hartford: 

The attractions in Connecticut’s capital is a lot to take in. The Mark Twain House or Harriet Beecher Stowe House, and probably the best of all, the Connecticut science center is definitely what you need to check out.

So many places to choose from, am i right? Which is your favorite? How many of these places have you been?
What would be your favorite family spot?

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