Easter Activities with kids in Fairfield County, CT

easter mini fairfield ct

easter mini fairfield ct

Easter Activities with kids in Fairfield County, Connecticut. 

Oh Easter! It’s that time if the year, when you can finally feel like Spring is here… the flowers are blooming, greenery is around you and life is just good. There are some super fun Easter/Spring activities if you are visiting or live in Connecticut . Let me give you a few fun ideas to try out with your kids and family. It will be easy to make it one of their best Easter’s yet!

1. Forest Easter egg adventure Stamford CT

This Easter activity in Connecticut is very popular, and the program runs rain or shine, so nothing stops or spoils the fun. Kids start with egg hunting on the wheels in the woods trail. Where they gather the eggs in the wood, from there they head to the over brook nature center where they get to meet some live animals and create fun crafts. Click here for more info.

2. EGGstravaganza Egg Hunt, Milford, CT

This fun Easter activities in Connecticut start with kids (all ages inclusive) before and also after the hunt, kids are invited to participate in egg themed games and crafts. They also have the opportunity of getting up close and personal with the adorable bunnies and chicks, and when the big bunny makes an appearance, everyone is excited. Click here for more info/

3. Annual Egg Hunt Fairfield: 

Kids are allowed to participate in this annual Easter egg hunt, where they get to come along with their Easter baskets and start the fun, and they get to meet the Easter bunny. Click here for more info

4. Young women’s league annual Easter Egg Hunt New Canaan: 

The fun typically kicks off at 9:30 am at the Waveny park. Kids will hunt for the hidden eggs and get to meet Mr and Mrs bunny, they enjoy bounce houses, face painting and the Dixie land band. Click here for more info

5. Have a fun Easter/Spring photoshoot:

The perfect time to have a fun mini session with your family and kids. Click here to book your spot with this super cute set up.

Tips for Easter Gifts baskets 

1. Greenery Easter Basket: 

Using your faux greenery, this Easter basket is super easy to make and visually appealing. 

2. Edible peeps Easter Basket : 

This Easter basket is edible and is made with Rice Krispie treat base and Peeps marshmallow bunnies decorating the handles.

3. Paper Easter Basket : 

This is a fun Easter activity for kids to weave, it is easy to do and awesome for the environment because they are recyclable. 

4. Pom Pom Easter Baskets: 

For those that like to go a little more extra, sprucing up your Easter basket with pom pom’s is what you want to do.It is super cute and fun to make

5. Picket fence Easter basket: 

Awesome Easter basket is made by using popsicle sticks as the fence and filling it up the basket with goodies. 

Easter Outfits for Kids 

Depending on what you are going for, for your kids, adorable or just the regular Easter wears, some outfit ideas you can work with are the Easter bunny costumes, bunny ears, or the customized Easter bunny head.

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