Motherhood on my mind

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Hey there Mama,

How are YOU doing?? Today motherhood is on my mind…
People always ask how is everything with the kids.. but never really reflect on how are YOU doing.

Being a mom can be hard at times, but of course it is super rewarding. I wouldn’t change it for a thing..

What’s Motherhood to you?

Motherhood can be challenging….
Motherhood can be rewarding….
Motherhood can be messy…
Motherhood can be easy…
Motherhood can be hard…

Motherhood can be so many things….yet..

Motherhood is where your love begins and ends at the same time.

You are not just a mother to your child you are also a home, a comfort zone-and so much beyond those…basically¬† EVERYTHING.

When you enter Motherhood you get to experience the most special bond with your child *forever*, and isn’t is just the best?? I know lots of things don’t last forever, such as breastfeeding etc… but those feelings.. oh those feelings are so fragile, You just want to hold onto them.

Lots of those moments are gone so fast, and this is the reason why i created this Motherhood session.
Specially to YOU mom! So that you can have a chance to freeze those moments into memories and when you look back at those photos- you can relive that time again with your child.
Motherhood can be so many things, but i think we can all agree that it is¬† SPECIAL. Sometimes it can be even magical…

This amazing session focuses on your and Childs connection. Perfect for moms and someone who is going to be a mom.
If you are currently pregnant that is also a part of motherhood already, and a special stage in your life that deserves to be documented as well.

Can’t wait to see you all at this beautiful event that i’ve created for YOU.




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