Photographing a magazine Cover

Photographing a magazine cover can evoke a mix of exhilarating and nerve-wracking emotions for us photographers. It is a significant opportunity that comes with a sense of responsibility and creative challenge. Here are some feelings that a photographer might experience when capturing a magazine cover:

  1. I was excited: The prospect of having your work featured on the cover of a magazine is incredibly thrilling. It is a recognition of talent and an acknowledgment of the photographer’s skills and vision. The excitement of knowing that my work will be showcased to a wide audience can be truly exhilarating.
  2. Also proud : Being selected to photograph a magazine cover is a source of pride. It validates my abilities and affirms that my work stands out among others. It’s was moment to take pride in my own craftsmanship and artistic expression.
  3. I did feel the Pressure a bit: Photographing a magazine cover comes with a certain amount of pressure. Being aware that this image will be representing the magazine, possibly for an entire issue or a significant period. The pressure to deliver a captivating, eye-catching, and memorable shot can be intense. However i had no doubt that we will get THE SHOT since my models were also an adorable Swedish family.
  4. Creativity: Despite the pressure, this opportunity also allowed me to unleash my creativity fully. I was also super excited that I got to photograph a family in a style that i represent and since I become more known for my family photography i was so excited to be featured as (still) an editorial photographer but the ability to showcase a more laid back and still exciting spread.
  5. And then it come the Satisfaction: As the photo shoot progresses and the shots start coming together, a sense of satisfaction emerges. Seeing the vision come to life through the camera lens it was incredibly gratifying.
  6. Anticipation, anticipation, anticipation: After the shoot, there is a period of anticipation as i was waiting for the magazine team to select the final cover image. It’s a mixture of hope, excitement, and nervousness as they eagerly wait for the verdict. Needless to say I was so happy with the choice they went for as i thought that Image truly represented the family and the magazines style as well.
  7. Gratitude: lastly but not least importantly i am so grateful for opportunities like this, and of course I can’t wait for the next challenge that will knock on my door.

The photos were used in a multiple page spread of Bedford & New Canaan Magazine featuring Lena Ollin, Tora Hallstrom and Lasse Hallstrom a Swedish family whom are also worked together on the movie Hilma– which is an incredible artist movie showcasing Hilma af Klint’s magnificent work.

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