It’s time for Fall sessions in Connecticut

connecticut fall mini sessions
connecticut fall mini sessions

Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by- It is time to book your fall sessions in Connecticut!

This year I will be offering Fall mini session for a limited numbers of families. Also as a bonus will be offering them for a special price for a limited time. Connecticut is so beautiful around the fall time, don’t miss this opportunity!

Why is it great to book a Fall mini?

  1. Seasonal Beauty: Fall is a picturesque season with stunning natural colors as the leaves change, creating a beautiful backdrop for your photos. The warm hues and cozy atmosphere can add a unique touch to your images.
  2. Festive Feel: Fall is often associated with various holidays and festivities like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Capturing moments during this time can help you preserve memories of these special occasions.
  3. Weather: Fall weather can be pleasant, with cooler temperatures and softer light, making it more comfortable for outdoor photography.
  4. Family Photos: Fall is a popular time for family gatherings. Mini sessions can be an opportunity to get updated family photos, perfect for holiday cards or gifts for loved ones.
  5. Time and Cost: Mini sessions are typically shorter in duration and more affordable than full-length photography sessions.
  6. Capture Growth: If you have kids, a fall mini session can be a great way to capture their growth and development each year. It’s like creating a visual timeline of their childhood.

Do you need any more reason? I don’t think so, Am i right?

Click here to book your spot but hurry the special offer ends on August 10th.

If the date doesn’t work for you and your family I am saving some spots for private full sessions, so don’t hesitate to reach out but please do so at your earliest convenience as those spots also fill up super quickly. Get in touch here.

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