Awesome guide to get ready for your upcoming session

celebrate your session with Alexandra Szebenyik Photography

celebrate your session with Alexandra Szebenyik Photography, awesome guide


Here is an awesome guide to prepare you for your upcoming session

  1. Pick an outfit or multiple
    Try them on a few days before, and plan ahead! Have some backup just in case if you change your mind. Have everything steamed and prepared the night before.
  2. Practice Hair and Make up
    Think about your hair and make up. Usually at my sessions natural look is the go to look with some light curls. However if you want to save yourself from thinking about this, you can always hire a pro to do this for you. I have suggestions so feel free to reach out to me.
  3. Eat well and hydrate
    It is important to not to arrive hungry to your session. Make sure that you eat something before and that you have enough liquid intake as well. Hydrating is key for nice skin and also can save you from headaches.
  4. Get on the same page with your photographer
    It is advised to communicate your vision with your chosen photographer, so it wouldn’t be any surprises on the day of. I love using Pinterest for ideas, and outfits.
  5. Have a back up plan
    In case your session is outdoor, have a back up plan. Maybe an indoor location (greenhouse, your home etc) or have a rain date in your schedules in case.
  6. Know what to expect after the session
    I usually deliver my galleries within a week. I like to keep the excitement so delivering on time is crucial to me. Make sure that you check out your chosen pros website top to bottom and agree with the editing style that she/he will provide on your photos.
  7. Bring some necessities with you
    It is always wise to bring a couple of standard things, just as a mirror, some backup make up for touch ups, hair pin, tide pen..etc.
  8. Stay relaxed and get ready to have fun
    A photo session should be a great and fun experience for you. Relax and just be yourself and get amazed from the end results.

Use this guide to help you to get ready and be your best self for your upcoming session. If you are wanting to chat you can always get in touch with me here.

See you soon.



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