A dreamy photoshoot at the Lockwood Mathews Mansion

romantic photoshoot by Alexandra Szebenyik

A dreamy photoshoot at the Lockwood Mathews Mansion on a winter morning…

Oh how can I show you that I am such a hopeful romantic?? I guess a dreamy photoshoot is my best answer! This session has always been on my mind… and I couldn’t have chosen a better location for it. Lockwood Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, CT.

It has such a vibe, and you can totally feel like that you just got in a middle of a  fairy tale.

Let’s face it, winter and dark days can rain on your parade, but let me bring you some rays of shine into your day with these dreamy photos.

My model Alyssa totally killed it, and my friend Deanna who is a really talented Make up artist here in CT also brought her A game and did a beautiful job. I’ve had this vision in my head for years, and I wanted to add a little extra touch with this ladder prop that I decorated with some flowers to go with the theme. Did I nail it?

We started in the morning, and needless to say we  froze our butts off but anything for art and creativity! Who is with me on this? Since it’s super cold up here in the East Coast , it’s a slower season for all of us in the industry so I like to keep the fire in me, and brainstorm, than schedule some creative sessions.

If you are a photographer reading this, do you shoot for yourself at times? If, yes – what and when? If not, why not? 

I do think it’s so important to do something time to time to keep the spark on and don’t let yourself get into the rabbit hole.

romantic photoshoot by Alexandra Szebenyik

What are your favorite things to do to keep yourself motivated and stay in the creative spirit?
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