Giving back with Photography

family with santa in new canaan ct kids of st jude

Have you ever thought that how can you give back with photography?

Yes, photography is a luxury service that many people enjoys and appreciates…

I am so fortunate to call photography my work, as this is my passion and i truly truly enjoy it!

So when i got asked if i would donate my time to help the cause for the kids of St. Jude with Curetivity, i didn’t think for a second and said yes! I am so honored to be apart of this cause.

Giving back with Photography is such a pleasure and i’m truly amazed by the people who participated at this event here in New Canaan, CT through the network of Santa Moms.

We’ve made visits to the families who were donating for the cause with a vintage Firetruck and Santa of course!

Taking the photos of the kids and families were pure joy, just seeing all the excitement was already worth the trip.

Curetivity’s mission is to create hope and cure kids by raising funds and awareness in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Consider donating this season, every bit of helps. I can’t imagine what the families are going through in that situation… but i am hoping that i was able to help a little bit to get closer curing everyone with pediatric cancer.

Below i included a couple of photos from the stops we’ve made. Happy faces all around!

Happy Holidays to you all! Stay safe and enjoy your time with your family.

kids with santa new canaan ct
family with santa new canaan ct
family with santa new canaan ct

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