Fun things to do in Connecticut with your kids

fun things to do in fall with your kids

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of all!

Get your warmer clothes out of the closet, because you will spend some fun time outdoors!

So what are the most fun things to do in Connecticut around this time of the year??

It is sometimes hard to choose from so many things that Connecticut has to offer, but i selected a few ones for you to consider.

  1. Apple Picking

    Check your local farms for apple picking. This is a super fun activity with kids, going on a ride and collecting the most delicious apples which can be used for baking some delicious apple pies and treats.

  2. Leef Peeping

    This can be done around your neighborhood during your daily walks with your kids, however you can go to a fun park or even for a hike nearby, just be sure to check the foliage report for the best times.

  3. Hunt for the perfect pumpkin

    Pumpkins are so much fun- you can decorate them in so many ways and also my favorite farm has so many options for it. It is a super cute outing with kids, and also they have some delicious apple ciders and it’s definitely a great fall photo spot as well.

  4. Check out a Corn Maze

    This one is on my list, because i’ve never got around doing this activity. Sounds like fun and you can check this and this out. They are not too far!

  5. Go for a hike

    Lake Mohegan has some pretty views to offer, where you can also take your dogs. What’s better than going for a hike with your kids and your dog(s) too? Enjoy it while it last.

  6. Cozy up in a B&B

    After a cool autumn day check out some amazing spots further up in Connecticut, where you can have some breathtaking views with a cup of coffee in your hands.

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